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Homewood supplies Micro clean air filters as well as other brands of Air Filters such as jet workshop air filters and SIP workshop air filters. Workshop Air Filters are used to clean the air of a workshop and remove small dust particles from it. Most workshop air filters will remove dust particles as small as 0.4 of a Micron (The smallest size particle the eye can see is 10 microns).  IF you work in a environment where you are producing dust it is good practice to use an air filter as it can keep you and any workers in the environment healthy. The government has put a high importance on keeping a dust free work environment as it has been proven to cause damage to the lungs. Stay Healthy and use Air Filtration.  

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Dust filtration for woodworking workshops reduce the chance of damage to the lungs (some exotic hard woods are carcinogenic). Its important to make sure you are buying the correct size of air fitler for the size of your workshop, the air filters product pages have got what size they are designed to work up to.

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