Sanding Machines


Sanding machines


Here at homewood Woodworking machinery Ltd we sell Sanding and Linishing machines throughout the UK and sussex. The different types of sanding machines we can provide are Bench or Floor standing belt sanders, disk sanders, drum sanders, bobbin sanders, belt and disc sanders and linisher sanders (linishers).

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Types of sanding machine and functions associated



Belt & disc sander -

Belt and disc sanders are combination sanders Used to finish of cut joints squaring edges to precise angles and sand flat or curved wood.

disc sander -

Used for finishing of cut joints and squaring edges.

Drum sanders -

Drum sanders Use a conveyer system passing the wood under a rotating drum which finishes the surface area of the wood.

Bobbin sander -

Bobbin sanders use a spinning sanding cylinder which moves up and down as it rotates. the cylinder runs though a table which you can rest you work on. bobbin sanders are used to sand internal curves.

linishers -

Linishing machines are large belt sanders designed for general sanding purposes.


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