Planers & Thicknessers

Planer Thicknessers


Here at homewood woodworking machinery Ltd we sell Planers, Thicknessers and Planer Thicknessers throughout the UK and Sussex.

Thicknesser machines are designed to take cut timber and is used to square it, straighten it, as well as sizing it to desired thicknesses so that the wood can be correctly sized for its purpose. Planers and wood planer thicknessers are available in singular form as planer or thicknesser. planer and thicknesser combinations are now becomming more common in the woodworking machinery industry.

Planer thicknessers are an essential part of a woodworking machine workshop allowing for the correct preparation of timber whilst giving a good Finnish.

Please have a look at our selection of industrial planers, planer thicknessers and thickness planer machines.

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