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Robland E300

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Robland E300

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Robland E300 Panel Saw

Overview and Description:

315mm dia blade with scoring unit option. Telescopic arm, outrigger table, fence and support rollers. 1 phase and 3 phase options. Further options available.

Both professional and craftsmen woodworkers require a strong well built and precise machine.

A machine that’s simple and easy to use and will give good reliable service for many years to come.

Designed to improve a shop’s production and accuracy, the Robland E-300 is just such a machine!

Custom crafted for fast-easy operation while performing high precision cuts, a machine which will stand the test of time.


The frame is carefully designed to maximise strength and rigidity, it is made of 4 mm steel plate in a so called box-construction.


The heavy cast iron saw table is bolted onto the frame as is the oversized aluminium sliding table, completing this very solid compact unit.


The body of the machine is powder-coated.


Sliding table: The hard anodized sliding table is machine precisioned and features a 310 mm wide table.  The heart of the sliding table is 8 hardened rods inserted into the aluminium table extrusions.


These are 8 mm diameter and set in a square pattern to guide the steel roller bearing balls. This makes the whole system extremely wear-free and requiring almost no cleaning as the saw and dust simply fall down these guides.


The steel sliding table guide rods can move freely within the aluminium extrusion, compensating for the different coefficients of expansion of the different metals.


In case of any use or damage to the steel rods, these rods can be turned inside the extrusions without having to dismantle the sliding table, or even worse, sending it back to the factory!


All parts of the sliding table are hard anodized.


The result of all this clever design is the very high quality of cut from the saw.


Saw unit: Tilt, rise and fall of the saw blade is done by the use of a hand wheel and thread bars guided directly in the cast iron nuts on the saw unit.


Both 45° and 90° stops are adjustable.


The main saw is equipped with a 3 kW motor, the scoring saw unit with a 0,55 kW motor, for both 400 Volt or 230 Volt three phase versions


The machine can be equipped with single phase motors, the power is then 2,2 kW, the scoring saw motor 0,55 kW.


As an option, the machine can be equipped with an “Automatic Star-Delta” starter (only three phase version machine).


The scoring unit is driven by it’s own separate motor and allows the use of scoring saw blades of 120 mm diameter, 20 mm bore.


Scoring unit adjustments are easy to operate and are grouped together, the rise and fall of the main saw blade is done by hand wheel, the maximum cutting depth is 100 mm (max. diameter saw blade is 300 mm)
Cross-cut fence: The machine is equipped with a sturdy, hard anodized fence, which telescopes out to 2500 mm, and has 2 flip-over stops with magnifying lenses, no room for error on the settings as a result.


Parallel fence: The hard anodized sturdy profile is mounted onto a heavy cast iron s

upport block and can be equipped with the optional digital read-out with a precision of 0,1 mm.

The cutting width is 1280 mm!


Mitre fence: The machine is equipped with a 2 x 60°mitre fence, and heavy duty wood clamp, which allows the wood to be held down firmly.

Technical specification


Dimensions sawtable mm  940 x 510 
Voltage three phase 230 - 400 
Voltage single phase 230 


Main Saw

Max. depth of cut on 45° mm  70 
Max. depth of cut at 90° mm  100 


Scoring saw

Scoring sawbade diameter   mm  120

Standard equipment

  • 2 x 45deg Cross cut fences.
  • Anodized sliding table = 1700 x 310mm. 
  • Cutting width = 1200mm. 
  • Dia saw blade = 315mm. 
  • Scoring unit = 0,75Hp, 120mm.
  • Max cutting depth @ 90deg = 100mm, @ 45deg = 70mm.
  • Telescopic arm outrigger table and fence (telescopic up to 2500mm) and two roller supports.
  • Weight = 350Kg (400Kg with optional sliding table 2500mm)

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 January, 1970.

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