Bandsaws sells wood bandsaw machines throughout the UK and Sussex. we specialise in Wood Cutting Bandsaw machines and offer a wide range of bandsaw sizes.  BandSaws are versatile machines designed for cutting wood in to shapes, splitting woods and cutting joints like tennons. When buying a bandsaw machine you need to determine what size band saw you need. first you need to know that all BANDSAWS are graded on throat size, this is the measurement between the inside of the Band saws spine and the bandsaw blade. dependant on the throat size you bandsaw has you will find that you have different depths of cut under the bandsaw guides. bandsaw sizes start at 8 inch  bench top bandsaws (203mm bandsaw)  and move up in sizes 10 inch bandsaw (254mm),12 inch bandsaw (305mm),14 inch bandsaw (355mm), 16 inch bandsaw (406mm) up to 20 inch bandsaw , there are more industrial sizes of bandsaws which are described as resaw bandsaws which are much bigger than these sizes of bandsaw machines just mentioned and are primarily used in large workshops these bandsaws are sized on wheel diameter.

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bandsaw size advice

Bandsaws sized 8 inch to 10 inch are great for small work in hobbyist workshops and can be used for cutting small wood turning blanks

Band saw machines 12inch  to 14 inch are general purpose and will fit in to the light trade workshop,  Also offering heavy duty Bandsaws at 14 inch and 16 inch

These bandsaws are able to cut moderate size work and will split planking and small logs.

Bandsaws 16 inch + are useful for heavy trade and are much more suited to splitting of logs and planking more accurately and easily.    

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