Spindle moulder tooling

Spindle moulder tooling

Here at www.homewoodltd.co.uk we offer spindle moulder tooling within our range we offer profile cutter and profile limiter sets of common Euro profiles in 40mm and 50 x 5.5mm. The Spinlde cutters we sell are made from HSS (high speed steel) and are made to fit in standard spindle moulder cutter blocks with locating pins and wedges.

When producing products form wood there is a common need to add profiles to the processed wood, spindle moulders are designed to cut these profiles on to the wood using the spindle moulder cutters in blocks. In combination spindle blocks and spindle moulder knives can produce a wide range of shapes in wood from different types of joints,decorative shapes and procice mouldings such as curved and differens size radius. somtimes refered to as shaper cutters and shaper bits, spindle tooling gets the job done.

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spindle moulder tooling covers a large number of consumables used on spindle moulders. we sell and source many brands of spindle moulder tooling so if you are looking for spindle moulder tooling for any specific jobs please call and we could run through the many different options.

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