Bandsaw Blades for wood

bandsaw blades for wood

homewood supplies wood bandsaw blades to Worthing, Sussex and the UK

We supply high quality bandsaw blades which are made in the UK. All our band saw blades are made to order, we offer our knowledge and help to supply you with the correct type of band saw blade for best results.

wood cutting bandsaw blades are sold in a variety of lengths, widths and teeth TPI. If you are looking to use bandsaw blades to cut wood you need to consider the following rules:

  • Find the length of the bandsaw blade your machine takes
    • This can be listed on the bandsaw with a sticker
    • If you cannot find the bandsaw blade lenght use a piece of string to messure the length with the top wheel loosened to at lease mid tension
  • what type of cutting are you planning to use the blade for?
    • The straighter the cut the wider the blade needs to be.
  • How many teeth do you need or what set is required for the type of cut.
    • the higher the number of teeth the better the finish but this will cause difficulties in cutting harder and thicker wood.
    • The less teeth a bandsaw blade has the more material it can remove and reduces the chance of burning and increase the speed of cut.

take a look through our range of wood bandsaw blades and if you are not sure of the size of band saw blades you bandsaw take please have a look through our page listing bandsaw blade sizes to most common bandsaws.

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